Building Material Shops Materials High Capacity Chemical Compound Fertilizer Production Line

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Building Material Shops Materials High Capacity Chemical Compound Fertilizer Production Line
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Product Type: FERTILIZER
Condition: New
Machine Type: Granulator
Output (kg/h): 100000
Voltage: 220V/380V or Customized
Weight (KG): 2000
Power (kW): 18.5
Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Energy & Mining
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support
証明: SGS ISO9001-2015
Usage: Producing chemical fertilizer production line
Rotate Speed: 13r/min
Size: 4100*2900*3800mm
Pallet Diameter: 3-10mm Round Pallet
Granulating Rate: >95%
Disc Height: 450mm
Disc Diameter: 3600mm
Output: 4-6t/h
Material 1: Agricultural Waste: Straw, Dregs of Beans, Cotton Dregs, etc.
Material 2: Animal Manure; Industry Waste; Household Garbage
証明: SGS ISO9001-2015
Packaging Details: Professional and Standard Exporting Package(Wooden Case/Container/customized According to Customers' Detailed Requirements)

Chemical materials high capacity compound fertilizer production line

Product Description

1. What is Compound Fertilizer?

  • Compound fertilizer production line is widely applied to produce compound fertilizer and the capacity ranges from 5000-200,000 tons/year.
  • It can granulate NPK, NP, ANP, DAP, MAP, CAN, SSP and other materials into compound fertilizer particles in one processing line.
  • It is specially used for manufacturing compound fertilizers with different concentrations and types, such as organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, biological fertilizers and magnetic fertilizers, etc.
  • It is mainly used forproducing spherical particles with a diameter ranging from 1mm to 3mm.

2. Advantages of Compound Fertilizer?

Enhance the ability of land to resist cold and drought

  • Continuous application will enrich the soil, then the soil will become more and more fertile, so the land is resistant to cold and drought and the fruit trees will have a good rest.

Improve soil and reduce salt damage

  • Adjust the acidity and alkalinity, balance soil PH data, increase the permeability of soil, and promote the formation of granule structure.

Greatly improve the quality of agricultural products

  • Sweeten and color the fruits, restore the original taste of vegetables;
  • Increase the content chlorophyll of tea and reduce the residue of pesticide and chemical fertilizer;
  • It contains EM bacteria, which can fix nitrogen, remove phosphorus, release potassium and increase chlorophyll content in plants, making the yield of crops increase significantly.

Increase the microbial content in soil

  • Inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic fungi in soil, improve the ability of crop to resist disease and continuous cropping.
  • Promote seed growth and improve photosynthesis of crop
  • Promote early germination and rooting of seeds and underground stem, and their developed root system.
  • Improve the photosynthesis of crops, adjust the rational distribution of nutrition, promote the rapid expansion of fruits and eraly coloring, so the fruits will ripen 7-10 days early.

3. Compound Fertilizer Production Line

In order to meet the needs of the large-scale compound fertilizers, We Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. professionally design and manufacture the compound fertilizer production line and relevant machines fitting for different chemical fertilizer, which has been the leader in the field in China.

Annual Output of Small-Sized Organic Fertilizer Plant (300 Working Days)
10,000 tons/ year20,000 tons/ year30,000 tons/ year
1.4 tons/ hour2.8 tons/ hour4.2 tons/ hour
Annual Output of Medium-Sized Organic Fertilizer Plant
50,000 tons/ year60,000 tons/ year70,000 tons/ year80,000 tons/ year90,000 tons/ year100,000 tons/ year
6.9 tons/ hour8.3 tons/ hour9.7 tons/ hour11 tons/ hour12.5 tons/ hour13.8 tons/ hour
Annual Output of Large-Sized Organic Fertilizer Plant
150,000 tons/ year 200,000 tons/ year 250,000 tons/ year 300,000 tons/ year
20.8 tons/ hour27.7 tons/ hour34.7 tons/ hour 41.6 tons/ hour

4. Working Process of Compound Fertilizer Production Line

  • Mixing Process:
  • Mix the needed Chemicals together, such as NPK, NP, ANP, DAP, MAP, CAN, SSP or Chemical ASO4 MOP SOP MAP CaCo3

  • Crushing Process:
  • Lump materials should be crushed after the fermentation process. It is difficult to make the matter into granules manually. In this way, it is necessary to use fertilizer crusher. We recommend customers choose high moisture materials crusher machine, as it can crush semi-wet material and with high crushing efficiency.
  • Granulating Process:
  • It is the important production process in the whole production line. According to different requirements, nutrients can be added. Spherical particals are processed, saving plenty of energy. Therefore, choosing the proper organic fertilizer machine is particularly essential. New type organic fertilizer granulator is the most suitable machine.
  • Drying Process:
  • After granulating, the granules are in need of drying. The moisture of organic fertilizer is reduced to 10%-40%. Rotary drum dring machine is an equipment to reduce the moisture of the particles, which is feasible for organic fertilizer production.
  • Cooling Process:
  • In order to ensure quality, the particles should be cooling after drying with the help of rotary drum cooling machine.
  • Screening Process:
  • There are unqualified organic fertilizers during production. It needs rotary drum fertilizer screening machine to separate the rejected goods from standard substance.
  • Packing Process:
  • Fertilizer packaging machine is used for packing processed fertilizers. We can use packing machine to pack and bag the particles.It can achieve pack products automatically and efficiently.

Ralavent Products For Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Company Information

5. Company Introduction:

Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Direct and unique factory with more than 30 years experience, build foreign business department in 2019, other company with same name alike Tongda or else on Alibaba is just our cooperated foreign companies (ATTENTION PLEASE)
  • Successively passed the ISO9001-2000 and SGS quality system certification
  • Being the engineering R & D center of government
  • Professional team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other technical personnel
  • All the indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard
  • Have realized one-stop service center for design, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical training
  • Pay much attention to the promotion of the products quality
  • Introduce advanced technology home and abroad, design and develop lots of new and patent products
  • Has exported products abroad for about 30 countries, USA, Turkey, Thailand, India, Pakistan and so on.

Cooperation Cases

6. Cooperation Cases With China Well-Known Enterprises and Universities About chemical fertilizer production line

Why Choose Us?

7. Why Choose Our Factory?

Pre-Sales Service

  • Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services;
  • Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;
  • Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients;
  • Training periodically high qualified service technician;
  • Direct factory with competiting price;

After-Sales Service

  • Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first;
  • Fast & Safe Delivery;
  • Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments;
  • Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments;
  • Training the first-line operators on site;
  • Regularly visit clients to solve production problems;
  • Providing life-long maintenance service;
  • Providing technical exchanging;
Quality Inspection

8. EveryTuesday's Product Quality Inspection & Suggestion Feedback About chemical fertilizer production line

In order to guarantee the product quality, our director Mr. Xu and heads of each departments conduct whole factory products quality inspection on every Tuesday. During the inspection, ralavent personel will register the mistakes and flaws of the products and also the advantages, make feedbacks to each departments. About flaws, reworks under the supervisions. About advantages, all factory study. We pay much attention to every details and suggestions. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee the best quality of the products and gain every customer's trust of our Tongda quality and technology.

Patent Certification

9. Patent Certification About chemical fertilizer production line

10. Customers' Visit and Project Site About chemical fertilizer production line

Packing & Loading

11. Packing & Loading About chemical fertilizer production line


12. FAQ About chemical fertilizer production line:

1. Q: Are you the direct factory?

A: Yes, we are the direct factory for more than 30 years, our company name is Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Science And Technology Co., Ltd. and this Alibaba account is the unique official foreign business platform, other companies which company name is alike ours are just the foreign companies cooperated with our company, so please attention!!!

2. Q: What payment terms can you accept?

A: Alibaba Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Credit Card, L/C, Cash, etc.

3. Q: Delivery time?

A: If in stock, then about 1-3 days; If not in stock, base on the order.

4. Q: Warranty?

A: One year for electric engine. We can also provide permanent accessories repair and replacement services.

5. Q: What kinds of certificate you have?

A: ISO:9001:2000 SGS and we can make other certificates according to customers' detailed requirements.

6. Q: How to guarantee the quality and operation before loading?

A: We test each parts of all products before packing and loading and guarantee the successful operation. No-test or failure -test products will be prohibited leaving factory.

7. Q: How can I get an accurate quotation?

  1. Tell us you want the certain product or the whole production line?
  2. You want make organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer or BB fertilizer?
  3. You want make powder granule or both?
  4. Annual output (Unit: t )? Hour output (Unit: t )? Working days/ Year?
  5. Working hours/ Day? Local Temperature?
  6. Length* Width* Height (Unit: m) of your existing building? Building inside photos?
  7. What is the raw material? Water content? Does the material fermentates?
  8. FOB/CIF/EXW price?

8. Q: How about the installation?

A: We will send technicians to provide installation guidance. Customers will be responsible for the food and housing and daily wages, round-trip airfare.

9. Q: Packing and loading?

A: Thicken wooden case for small quantity; Container for large quantity.

Sincerely Welcome To Visit Our Factory About chemical fertilizer production line!

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